Design your own adventure or join us on one of ours. Pic River Guest Suites has teamed up with paddling maestro and professional guide Gord Martinto bring you some fantastic opportunities to learn, explore and revel in our wondrous backyard.

Choose from these activities and more to build your own adventure.

  • Paddling and instruction with Gord Martin,
  • Sunrise and sunset yoga at the Dunes,
  • Hiking at Pukaskwa National Park and in numerous nearby trails,
  • Fishing,
  • winter fun: snowshoeing, ice fishing, and sleeping in a quinzee
  • native food and medicinal plant gathering,
  • building structures out of alders,
  • exploring First Nations’ cultural traditions and teachings
  • cooking over a fire, and camping
  • Sleeping in a cozy teepee with a spruce bough floor,
  • Learning some traditional Native arts and crafts.
  • Fire-side evening music concerts and jamming with Bonnie Couchie

Or register for one of our planned getaways:


Music & Black River Guided Canoe Trip: (3 days, 2 nights)

*Featuring tasty meals, lots of leisure time, sun (or possibly rain) showers.

The Black River is a beautiful river for a first canoe trip. This easy and scenic route begins near Manitouwadge and flows into the Pic River near the Pic River Guest Suite. This guided trip will introduce you to canoe tripping skills and basic river running techniques. There is lots of time for relaxing, swimming, fishing. In the evening join Bonnie in a fireside jam session.

*This trip can incorporate Paddle Canada Introduction to Canoe Tripping certification upon request.



Yoga and Canoeing:

  • Meet Friday evening at the Pic River Guest Suite
  • Saturday am yoga on the deck at the Pic River Guest Suite
  • Saturday day trip by canoe on the Pic River
  • Saturday evening sunset yoga at the dunes of the Pic
  • Saturday evening of music and relaxing at the Pic River Guest Suite


Paddle Canada Basic Canoeing Course: Available on request all summer long

The Canoeing Basic Tandem Course is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for calm and close to shore lake paddling. The items chosen for inclusion in this program are of importance to all canoeists as they develop their basic canoeing skills and knowledge to the lake environment. The program includes: basic equipment care and knowledge, basic forward and turning skill development, and may include demonstrated rescue techniques. This course is offered in 4 hour teaching session followed by an afternoon paddle in beautiful Hattie Cove.

Paddle Canada Lake Tandem Canoeing Course: Available on request all summer long

The Lake Tandem Program is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for open water lake paddling. The items chosen for inclusion in this program are of importance to all lake canoeists as they transfer and expand the basic canoeing skills and knowledge to the environment of open water.

Lake Tandem provides the theory and skills necessary for a daylong canoe trip in open water with a variety of wind conditions. However with practice many of the skills can be transferred to multi-day expeditions. The program includes: timed and difficult rescues, specialized equipment, a variety of forward & turning strokes, efficiency and precision as well as challenging paddling conditions.

We offer two courses in the Lake Tandem Program. These courses are designed to introduce new skills and challenges to the participants. The participant is responsible for taking these new skills and applying them in their paddling activities. It is through practice that participant will become comfortable and skilled to advance to the next level.

Introduction to Lake Tandem 1 day or more

Intermediate Lake Tandem 2 days or more

Paddle Canada Introduction to Moving Water / Intermediate Moving Water (Tandem or Solo): Weekends in June

We can customize a course for you in either solo or tandem disciplines. The Moving Water program transfers and expands basic canoeing skills and knowledge to whitewater tandem canoeing and river running (which may provide foundational skill and knowledge for creeking, playboating, and slalom) (all courses are approximately 2 days in length). The Introductory and Intermediate Moving Water program provides the theory and skills for proficient canoeing up to Class II rapids.

Includes: rescue skills and procedures, specialized equipment, efficient bracing, specialized dynamic, static, and combined strokes, efficient and precision paddling, and standard whitewater manoeuvres. This includes teaching the participants the skill and knowledge to deal with what-if situations such as recovering from an unintentional back surf or unsuccessful hole punch. The terms moving water and whitewater canoeing are used to describe travel on a river where the paddler utilizes the river and water features and may include simple “play” like activities as she/he travels. Whitewater canoeing skills are applicable to day outings as multi-day canoe trips.

Introduction to Moving Water Tandem, Class I current (2 days)

Intermediate Moving Water Tandem, Class II rapids (2 days)

Paddle Canada Canoe Tripping Program; available upon request

The Canoe Tripping program is designed to allow individuals the opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to extend their canoeing experience beyond a one day paddle.

The Canoe Tripping Introduction to course is designed for individuals wishing to participate in a canoe trip 3 to 4 days/ nights with same day Emergency Medical System (EMS) access.

The Canoe Tripping Advanced program is designed for individuals wishing to participate in longer, more remote canoe trips where EMS access will take over a day to arrive and the remoteness of area requires an understanding of extended group dynamics, first aid considerations, evaluation of routes, etc.

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