Gord Martin (Guide)

(This is where Gord will eventually write a friendly note to say hi…when ever he gets in from playing outside…I mean training.) :)  For now just click here to find out more about Gord.

OK Bonnie, I’m finally sitting down to introduce myself before you start to wonder if I am playing too much…I mean training too much:)

I’ll update this page from time to time to tell stories of the latest adventures.

When Bonnie proposed this wild and misguided adventure, we already knew we shared a passion for the natural world and the desire to share it with others. In fact we met while leading a canoe trip for local first nation youth.

Canoeing has been such an amazing touchstone in my life. The places I have been, the lessons learned from travelling on the land and all the amazing people met along the way have shaped and directed my life for the last 20 odd years.

Enjoying the simple pleasure of a warm fire on a foggy Lake Superior beach, the shared excitement of watching a student catch their first surfing wave on a whitewater river, or visiting secretive  spiritual sites hidden in the wilderness are but a few of the memories I have shared with friends and guests over the years.

I am so excited to be working with Bonnie. Her infectious energy, playful spirit and artistic nature is pure sunshine. Together we make a great team.

This summer we will be offering a number of flatwater and whitewater canoe courses and guided adventures in and around the Pukaskwa area. Check out are Adventures and Courses page for the details.

I hope to see you on the water soon.





















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